"Candied" Controllers *Custom*

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*Please put your 4th option into the comments. Pricing is for all 4 controllers*

Email nate_laudermilk@rozeken.com for specific available colors 

Please email or put in comments:

1. What colors or theme you would like 

2. What artistic style

Petri *tendrils/looks bacteria dish*

Dirty Pour *2-4 colors pour together and make random swirls*

Smoke * Wisps of colors inside the dice*

Glow in the dark *please email for colors available*

Layered translucent *2-3 colors layered with see through colors* (ink colors)

Layered *2-3 colors layered* made with thick colors (mica powder usually)

Split *each half a different color*

Fully custom *email with description of what you want made*

4. Do you want the buttons/controls colored